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VoIP Phone – Better Security, Increased Productivity

Switching to VoIP Phone Brisbane

Many Australian homes and businesses are switching to VoIP phones for better security and increased productivity, as well as a significant reduction in running costs.

Yet, there are many in our business community who don’t understand this service and software, to their great disadvantage. The most common reason for avoiding the switch is a lack of awareness.

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Australian homes and businesses are switching to VoIP phones for better security and increased productivity

So what does “VoIP Phone”
Brisbane mean?

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In lay
terms, it means that you can use the Internet to make
phone calls rather than use the standard telephone
network systems available in your area.

Sometimes VoIP software and the resulting ability is
called broadband telephony or broadband phone
service, Internet telephony or IP telephony.

Contact IT Services Brisbane today to find out how a new VoIP Phone System could make a difference in your business or home network.

So how do VoIP phones work?

VoIP Phone Brisbane Basics

Essentially, VoIP converts your voice into an electronic signal, which is why it can be transmitted from any device that is data driven. The software puts your voice into ‘packets’.

These ‘packets’ are sent over the internet in a similar way that letters are sent in envelopes through the post (though arguably a LOT quicker than our postal service!). This could be utilising your current phone through systems like 3CX or through your computer or specialty handsets. Often, these services also have chat/message and video call functions.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use a VoIP phone

Can I use my Normal VoIP Phone?

Normal VoIP Phone

While VoIP specific phones are available for purchase from a tech provider, the best kinds of VoIP software enable you to use your current telephone system and handsets to convert to VoIP.

This is especially important for human-resource heavy industries like education and health care. If everyone is expected to contact clients and be contactable through the VoIP systems, providing specialty hardware becomes an economic burden to businesses with high numbers of staff.

If you have just a few people in your organisation, then you might go to the trouble of investing in system specific VoIP phones. But when there are more than decent options to convert existing hardware without the expense, why not do that?

Can I have a VoIP Business Phone?

Absolutely! As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use a VoIP phone. You can call any Internet or landline equally well.

Businesses using VoIP phones have a distinct advantage in this climate of ‘stay inside and work from home’ as their employees’ phones can be integrated into the business network from wherever they are.

In other words, if you have a ‘work from home’ employee who is part of your network, the VoIP option allows your employee to contact clients while the origin of the call is still identified as your place of business.

This is especially important for the safety and security of employees for whom personal details need to remain private but who might be on-call after hours. It also offers a more professional and cohesive look to your business.

Are there wireless VoIP Phones?

Wireless VoIP Phone Options

Quite honestly, there are as many options for VoIP phones as there are options for phones on the PTSN and ISDN networks.

So yes, there are wireless VoIP phone Brisbane options available. Cisco is one of the heavy hitters when it comes to VoIP phones generally and it’s no exception when we’re talking wireless VoIP phones.

The Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone is one rugged piece of equipment best suited to VoWLAN networks, like in a large business campus, and retails at a whopping $900+.

Siemens Gigaset is an impressive alternative for the in-office or in-home based handset, managing 3 parallel calls at once as well as access to Internet data features and an answering machine. It has a much more palatable price tag, too, retailing at around the $250 mark.

If you’re really serious about changing over your handsets, contact your telecommunications provider first.

Many, including Maxo Telecommunications offer handsets as part of monthly subscriptions.  Our team of professionals, at IT Services Brisbane, are experts in set up of VoIP Phone Systems.

Home VoIP Phone Brisbane

VoIP phones Brisbane are becoming a popular choice for home phone users as well as the need for a landline becomes increasingly redundant.

The humble landline has served us well but now, only half of the households in Australia have one. New research indicates that landlines may become completely obsolete by 2037, following a steady decline in use.

While the old copper lines might still be in existence, by this time, mobile and VoIP phones will become the norm. We actually already do this: Facetime, Skype and Microsoft Teams all use VoIP technology and are used regularly within households and businesses.  Contact IT Services Brisbane today for your VoIP IT Solutions for your home and business.

Contact us today to see why Wireless VoIP Phones are perfect for your busy lifestyle at work and at home.

Does VoIP work on the NBN?


 The best way to use VoIP over the NBN network is Uni-D and Uni-V. Which one you use will depend on the kind of port that you will utilise for handset connection.  

If you’re thinking about switching your network to a VoIP phone system, contact IT Services Brisbane today to discuss the best options for your home or business.