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Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats to your business today, and it’s important you are confident you have the right security services and systems in place to deal with all forms of cyber threat. The repercussions of a security breach have far-reaching consequences for your business, including unexpected costs, the headache of managing your IT and the threat to your company’s reputation. These are just a few of the things you have to consider when it comes to cybersecurity threats and it’s time to take action if you want to ensure your IT systems are robust enough to withstand cyber security threats and attacks from cyber criminals. 

What are Cyber Threats?

Cybernetic global intelligence reveals that cybercrime is a growing and fast-changing global threat. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t aware of the risks they face, while others don’t fully understand what steps they can take to prevent evolving cybersecurity threats from impacting their business. Because of this, cyber security companies are an essential consideration for any business with an online presence that wants to ensure its information security is robust.

Cybercriminals Do Not All Have the Same Motivations for an Attack

Cyber threats come in a range of guises and may be criminally or politically motivated. While an attack can vary in how much of a problem it is, not all cyber criminals want the same things. Some may want money, whereas others may want to cause as much disruption or destroy a system for political or personal reasons.

  • Protecting your Business
  • Finding software, computer systems, and network vulnerabilities
  • Neutralising Cyber Threats
  • Improving your Security Solutions

Cyber security does not aim primarily for the prevention of every attack – it is instead focused on avoiding an attack successfully.

There are Multiple Forms of Attack

There are numerous tactics they use such as hacking, password phishing, zero-day exploits, infected emails and websites, remote desktop protocol attacks, ransomware, brute force attacking and more. If you are a business without an active cyber security program in place, you become an easy target for hackers and other cyber criminals who can breach information security systems and gain access to your data in these ways through your team’s devices as well as targeted attacks on your business servers, for example. Some cyber security threats include: 

  • Hacking: Hacking is a global phenomenon, even affecting big companies and large organisations such as hospitals and government agencies. Hackers attempt to gain access to a computer system or private network for nefarious means by exploiting weaknesses in security systems, or breaching defences. By the time you have finished reading this, you could already have been a victim of a cybercrime and your device might be under attack. This may lead to your email account being compromised and used to spread spam messages; your bank details might have been stolen and distributed to other cybercriminals or maybe your personal photos will be posted online without you knowing.
  • Phishing: Phishing isn’t an actual virus or malware. It is rather a social engineering scam that attempts to obtain personal and confidential data like passwords, credit card information and bank account credentials from consumers. The intent behind the scam is to use this data for criminal purposes.
  • Ransomware: Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts files on a targeted device. Criminals will demand a ransom in exchange for unencrypting the files.
  • Man in the Middle: This is where a cybercriminal creates a fake login page to a website, and then accesses the details when someone logs in, including usernames and passwords.

In a corporate world it is difficult to work in a safe environment due to the many attacks that can be made by external individuals or groups. Every single day there are cases of cyber terrorism, attacks and major data losses in corporations around the globe. The cyber space has changed our world of business and many companies are facing these cybersecurity attacks with complicated IT systems and no knowledge on how to prevent them.

Cyber Security is Essential to Protect Your Business

Cyber security is a broad term. In different contexts it could mean anything from one-time pin generators, malware analysis, preventing business email compromises to detecting and stopping cryptocurrency mining, ransomware and brute force attacks on sensitive systems.

However, cyber-attacks are a real threat to your business and using managed services from cyber security experts, such as IT Services Brisbane, who can provide you with a business cyber security expert, is one of the best ways of protecting your systems. We have extensive knowledge of the technology solutions and security tools that will create a strategy for your company’s safety. We analyse the risks and threats your company is facing and implement solutions for better protection. We offer peace of mind that your IT is equipped to support your business so you and your staff can crack on with running your business.  

Do You Need to Beef-Up Your Security Solutions?

If you are wondering whether you need to beef up your cyber security, ask yourself the following questions:  

  •      Does your business have a strategy in place for managing the risk of cyber-attacks? 
  •      Are you familiar with the cybersecurity attacks and threats that exist today? 
  •      Do you know what best practices to follow when it comes to managing cyber security risk?

If not, it’s time to start developing a cyber security plan with the help of an expert cyber solutions provider. When it comes to increasing cyber security, specialist services are vital. You will not only need an expert team but unique technology to protect your business. IT Solutions Brisbane are experts in providing managed services to offer you appropriate solutions against possible internal security breaches, external threats and risks to information security that can damage your business.  

A professionally managed security program employing a multitude of tactics is essential for any organization to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies used by hackers.

The Effect of Cyber Crime on Your Business

Today’s business owners face an ever-increasing threat landscape that is growing at every turn. Cyber criminals are more brazen and less sophisticated, but always seem one step ahead of the latest technology designed to protect organizations from these threats. As businesses become more complex and interconnected, their elements remain vulnerable to attack with little oversight or effort. The consequences can be disastrous with:

Financial implications

Figures show that 60% of cyber-attacks struck small and medium sized businesses. The average cost of cyber security breaches to each business is an eye-watering AUD $276,323. This figure may include the costs required to hire an IT expert to fix the problem, as well as losses incurred if your business is affected by any disruption. This may completely cripple some businesses, which is why strong security solutions for the protection of your business are paramount. 

Damage to Reputation

Today, more than ever before, Australian businesses need to ensure that they are protected to the highest level. Businesses hold massive amounts of private data, such as credit card details, addresses and telephone numbers. If a business were to be hacked, that information could become public property. This may result in a serious loss of income for you and your clients and could also affect your credibility and reputation, particularly if you are in the healthcare or finance sectors. 

Business Disruption

If you have had a cyber-attack, the disruption it causes to your business can have serious repercussions. It takes an average of 23 days to resolve a cyber-attack, and the attack also results in business disruption, information loss, revenue loss, productivity loss and damage to your equipment.

Businesses gather more and more data about their customers each and every day. Increasing data collection equals bigger risks, especially when it comes to cyber security. Here at IT Solutions Brisbane, we know how to protect your business’ information. From monitoring critical data to setting up firewalls, we have services that constantly monitor your systems for imminent threats or breaches so that your resources are kept safe.

Choose Expert Cyber Security Solutions Providers for the Best Security

With the sheer volume of data being stored and transmitted, the internet and the cloud are becoming increasingly insecure platforms that can be difficult to protect from hackers. It is important that you take the right steps to protect yourself and your business. However, there is no one security solution that will protect everything you need it to.

A professionally managed security program employing a multitude of tactics is essential for any organization to keep up with the rapidly changing technologies used by hackers.

How Cyber Security Solutions Prevent Attacks on Your Business

Here at IT Solutions Brisbane, we take prevention of cyber-attacks and security as seriously as you do. As such, we have a proven track record of identifying and addressing IT weaknesses to help you achieve your objectives. From network scanning and vulnerability assessment to penetration testing and risk analysis. It’s never been easier to gain data insights and get the protection you need. We offer:

Strategic Planning

Cyber security does not aim primarily for the prevention of every attack – it is instead focused on avoiding an attack successfully. Generally speaking, a strategic plan includes a plan of continuity of operations so that there is some form of back up that means your business can continue to operate should there be a breach of your security systems.

A bespoke cyber security solution

We understand that your business is the centre of your world. This is why we go to great lengths to analyse cyber security threats and give you independent advice based on our expert knowledge. We treat every client as an individual, and focus on providing a bespoke security solution tailored specifically to you.

A highly-specialist team of experts

Cyber security is a wide-ranging term encompassing everything from something as simple as making sure employees don’t click on dodgy links, to setting up firewalls and data encryption. You need a team of professionals that specialise in all the IT security aspects of your company to protect as much information and ensure as little downtime as possible.

Peace of mind that your business is protected

As technologies evolve so do cyber-attacks which follow along. It is important that businesses know how to handle the security threats from a VPN, Wi-Fi router and even mobile phones. You must therefore ensure that all the processes are implemented, and that your firm is protected against any threat.

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