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IT Services Brisbane are in the business of assisting companies integrate and utilise SaaS Brisbane applications to streamline their business offerings.

Before deciding on the best software for your business, speak to our team of engineers, who can provide you with a tailor-made plan to scale your business up to size.   

Using SaaS Applications

I use Google apps all day long. It’s not an exaggeration…and no, I’m not ‘surfing’ the net. I’m researching, downloading manuals, upskilling, communicating, connecting apps, connecting through apps, finding my way across town and shuffling files along the virtual super-highway.

A file shared in Dropbox here, a contract signed with Docusign there. I feel like I live my life inside the ‘machine’! For most of us, we just use these conveniences without giving them a second thought.

They do the job we need them to do and we don’t ponder any further. But for those of us who like to probe a little deeper into our thoughts than most, you might start wondering what all of these things are and how they work. Let me start you off…Google Apps, Dropbox and Docusign are all software that we call Saas.  

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Dropbox , Zenndesk and Docusign are all software that we call SAAS.

What is SaaS and how does it work?

Software as a Service

SaaS Brisbane, as you might have guessed, is an acronym. It stands for Software as a Service. Simply put, you use this particular category of software to perform a service for you. It’s sometimes called, ‘on-demand software’.

I use Google Maps to direct me from one geographical location to another – service on demand. I use Dropbox to share large amounts of data from one computer to another – also a service on demand. There are just so many of these around that most people use SaaS Brisbane every day without even realising it! 

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How SaaS works

Essentially, SaaS is a software distribution model and this is how it works: Company A has some really cool software that they want to get out to customers.

Generally, Company A types are software developers, not distributors. So, Company A goes into partnership with Company B who hosts the software, making it available to customers by way of the Internet. Customers access the software and use it while connected to the Internet. SaaS is not available if an active connection to the Internet is not available.  

SaaS examples – you might be surprised!!

Think about any ‘service’ type software that you use while connected to the Internet and it probably falls under the category of SaaS. Off the top of my head, examples include BigCommerce, MailChimp, Gmail, Google Apps, Salesforce, ZenDesk, Dropbox, DocuSign, Hubspot and Slack. 

SaaS generally have impressive features that are often updated regularly

IT Services Brisbane are the SAAS Experts in Brisbane

Why is SaaS so Popular and Why is it a growing industry?

In terms of enterprise workload, SaaS now accounts for 24%, an almost 10% increase from 2016. There are a number of factors for this, not least of which is that SaaS is almost always, faster to deploy and carries a lower investment risk than common hardware and software development done on premises. In an increasingly competitive market, businesses are keen to gain any advantage, especially if it means cutting costs, mitigating risk and most importantly, being first to market.  

But the speed factor is not the only reason that SaaS continues to grow in the business world:

Impressive features of SaaS

SaaS Brisbane generally have some pretty impressive features, which are regularly updated – to keep ahead of the market, features are updated often, generally making the software more intuitive and user-friendly. Not having to spend hours over the phone assisting customers to use the company website or software is a win-win for both the company and the client; 

Cost Saving

Utilizing someone else’s apps minimalize the costs of creating your own applications – most companies are not in the business of software development but create software to service a need within the business. If the need can be met by an outside provider, the business can redirect funds to other parts of the business in order to consolidate or grow;  

Flexible Features

On the whole, SaaS Brisbane have flexible features available to businesses and are scalable to any size business or speed of growth, saving your business money on upgrades and time on training new staff; 

Intuitive Software

They are easy to use – intuitive software is constantly being refined by experts in this field. They listen to feedback from users and with each upgrade, make the software easier to use until users can utilize the software automatically; 

SaaS Integration

Many SaaS applications integrate with each other – this isn’t true for all SaaS applications, so it’s best to consult with your IT Services provider but a good many apps do integrate seamlessly, allowing your company to move to its next phase without a major IT overhaul.  IT Services Brisbane can provide IT Solutions for SaaS Integration.

What are theAdvantages and Disadvantages of using SAAS?

If you’re a business looking to scale up without the associated price tag, then you’re probably getting quite excited right now. It’s true, there are a great many advantages to integrating SaaS into your business, but like every coin, there is another side. I would be remiss not to mention some of the disadvantages of SaaS. However, for the best advice for your business, your IT Services provider, has to be part of the conversation and decision-making on this one. IT Services Brisbane are happy to discuss SaaS with you.  Now, on to some of the downsides: 


The first and most important one is the lack of control – the third party host is the one in control of the software. When upgrades are made, there is often no option for individual companies to use the previous version. Generally, it’s not possible to make changes to the features of an app to suit your client base, either. It is flexible but it’s not a customized solution. If that matters in your business, an on-premises application might be more suitable for you. 


Software requires connectivity – if your client experiences issues with their Internet connection, they will not be able to access SaaS, which could mean lost business for you. If this is software that employees inside your own company access to do their job, network downtime and lost productivity could also be an issue for you. 

Security and Data

Security and data concerns – hosted services and cloud services come with a modicum of risk concerning the security of sensitive data. Ensuring that security measures are in place to mitigate risk is absolutely essential before deciding on a hosted solution. 

IT Services Brisbane can help you decide on the right SAAS platform to suit your business.

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SaaS Integration

IT Services Brisbane are in the business of assisting companies integrate and utilize SaaS applications to streamline their business offerings. Before deciding on the best software for your business, speak to our team of engineers, who can provide you with a tailor-made plan to scale your business up to size. 

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