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On average, malware costs Australian businesses $276,323.00 each yearThe best and most cost-effective way to rid your systems of dangerous malware is prevention. Failing that, IT Services can assist you to remove malicious insider and code, and make sure your system is strengthened to repel the next attack. 


Ever thought about switching to a VoIP phone? Are there advantages to using VoIP? Do VoIP phones work on the NBN? What does ‘VoIP phone even mean? All the questions you never knew to ask and more are answered in this article. Read more here… 


It’s true that not all IT Solutions are made equal! Luckily for us, we don’t want to be equal to some of the mediocrity in the current marketplace. We are better! As an expert IT Solutions provider, we can support your business to perform at its optimum level.  


If you’re data isn’t backed up to the cloud then you’re taking a big gamble on it still being there if something happens to your local network. Our technicians can guide you through the cloud based data back-up options that are available as well as an outline of security measures and costs.  


Losing data is just the pits! It means missed deadlines and wasted time repeating work already done. The good news is, in a lot of cases, the data is recoverable with specialist techniques and software; we can help with that. Read more about this in our article on data recovery.  


SaaS is growing in popularity in our current marketplace with many companies opting to use this service. Why is that? In this article we investigate the reasons for their growing popularity. We outline the advantages and disadvantages and how IT Services Brisbane can assist your business with integration 

What is IT Support from IT Services Brisbane and why do I need it?

We are technical Support engineers

IT Services Brisbane can help your business by monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks across your entire organisation. One computer or 100 computers, we are set up to provide the support that your business requires in a timely and cost-effective way. 

We are performance optimisers

Our technicians are highly skilled and highly trained individuals who specialise in optimizing the performance and usability of each individual component within your network and system. We instinctively know how to extract the most from each part to achieve maximum performance from your IT systems.  

What should I look for in an IT services provider?

Such a great question…and one that not enough people ask. If they did, the industry wouldn’t be flooded with ‘would be’ IT companies masquerading as the ‘real deal’. So, a few words of advice…all good quality, reputable, capable IT service providers can demonstrate all of the following: a good first impression, clear communication and response times, proactive approaches, industry experience, advanced technology, flexibility, adequate manpower, flexibility, transparency, visibility, stability and a range of payment options. Not getting this from your current IT Services provider? Call IT Services Brisbane today to discuss your needs.
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We are security guards

You wouldn’t leave your front door unlocked when you leave, neither should you leave your IT systems unlocked, primed for intruders. Cybercrime costs Australian businesses $29m every year. Cyber-attacks can be damaging if your security processes are not up to date. At IT Services Brisbane, we take security very seriously.  

We are integration artists

Need to upgrade your system with new technology? Seen an ad-on you just have to have? Finding that your latest upgrade makes the system ‘clunky’? IT Services Brisbane can assist in the integration of new or upgraded technology with existing frameworks and systems to create seamless, highly functional operations across your business.  

Five Elements. One Mission.

We can do it all. We provide ourselves on being a one stop IT Shop for everyone in Brisbane from local businesses to corporate and government agencies.






5 Reasons to work with IT Services Brisbane

1. No Long term Contracts if you don’t need it

We get it, you’re not the IT expert, and you don’t really know what you need. No point locking in a 2 year contract for servicing that you might not even use. We’re known for our transparent costs and flexible work arrangements. We can definitely come up with a service that suits your individual and business needs. 

2. Proactive management

Maintaining and managing your IT systems is just as important as servicing your car. We don’t wait until there’s a problem to act, we maintain your services to a plan, just like your car servicing schedule, so that there won’t be a problem in the first place. Downtime in your business is lost business and that is not what we want for you.  
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3. Experience Certification and Ongoing Training

IT Services Brisbane engineers are well-qualified and certified in their field of expertise. Like any professionals, we undertake professional development and on-going training. The tech world moves so quickly that not keeping up to date regularly is the same as being stuck in the 80s. Not us! We move fast to keep up with the changing face of technology on the world scene.   

4. Data security expertise

Data protection is key to creating trust with your clients. There’s not much point in having a fancy POS website that customers won’t buy from. IT Services can help you build a barrier large enough to deter attacks on your data. Should your system be compromised in any way, our data encryption services will ensure that stolen data cannot be used by would-be intruders.   

5. Clear response times

We’ve said it before, IT downtime equals lost business. Worse still, you’re then at the mercy of your IT services provider to get you back up and running again as fast as humanly possible. Poor response time to requests for service is the hallmark of poor customer service; you’ll want to try to avoid companies like that. At IT services Brisbane, our response times are clearly defined within our our clients individual service agreements. 


What People Are Saying

“I have been using Dean from Unified Solutions for 3 years now, he has been amazing to deal with! Everything is done in a timely, professional and thorough manner. I highly recommend his services and don’t know where I’d be without him!”
Doctor Robbie Adams

Owner, First Choice Chiropractic Toowong, Chermside, Springfield & Warwick Practices

I literally would have been unable to open my Chiropractic practice recently without the advice and skills of Dean O’Byrne from Unified Solutions. Literally outstanding skills and service!
Prof Keith Charlton Keith Charlton

Chiropractor, Chiropratic Forest lake

‘I’ve been using Dean and Unified Solutions for a number of years. His advice and service has been spot on. Going the extra mile when it counts.”
Doctor Michael Charlton

Chiropractor, Redbank Plains

“I have worked with Dean for over ten years now and I would describe his service as being very personalised with a diverse range of information technology knowledge and services being offered”.

Owner, Grass Roots Living Room

3. Benefits of Having IT SUPPORT

Stay in control your IT costs

The general consensus is that larger companies have a distinct advantage when it comes to staying in control of their IT costs because they can afford to have an in-house IT team on their company payroll. But is this a myth or reality? Employing staff as part of your in-house team involves having a whole lot of added costs not incurred by using an external team…and large companies know this. External contractors are no longer solely the domain of small businesses. Unless they are a really large corporate, businesses are opting to outsource their IT Service needs to companies like this one that can meet their needs just as well without the expense of an in-house team.

Stay compliant and secure

In this day and age of online trading, learning and being, your compliance and security are especially important to reduce risk. Systems security is possible to coordinate on your own if you are tech savvy…but even ‘qualified’ technicians find it difficult to maintain security if they don’t have the experience to know the tricks and traps to protect against hackers and software with malicious intent. IT Services offer technicians who are well-trained, qualified, experienced and certified in their relevant fields. We know what it takes to secure your network and ensure that your business is compliant.

Stay focused on your core business

Unless you are in the business of IT, managing your own IT services doesn’t fall in the arena of your core business. So, why do it? I don’t manage my own legal contracts because I’m not a lawyer and it’s not in my interest in terms of reducing my own risk! Establishing a relationship with a quality IT Services company means that you can continue to focus on your business while new technology is quickly implemented in the background and existing systems are maintained seamlessly and securely. Take the stress and time out of managing your own IT and contact IT Services today! You won’t be sorry you made the call!