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Help, I’ve lost my data!!

Data Recovery Brisbane

The most panicked we ever hear customers is when they have lost important data they have been working on. If there are good data recovery systems already in place, then it’s simply a matter of activating that software.

If there aren’t, that’s when things become a little more complicated. At IT Services Brisbane, we can assist you in data recovery and in securing your data long term.

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Data recovery specialists reveal data in blocks that have been coded as ‘empty’, thereby recovering data and files that were previously ‘lost’. 

What is DATA Recovery Brisbane and how does it work?

Data Recovery Brisbane

Data recovery sounds relatively simple; it is about recovering lost data. Data can be lost by a user deleting files, malware destroying some parts of the system or a hardware malfunction that damages files or rearranges data in a seemingly random and untraceable way.

When the data is ‘lost’ it doesn’t appear in any of the usual searches that a user ordinarily might perform. It requires expertise in data recovery as well as specialised software.

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How it works

Imagine that your computer hard-drive is a book and the pages are all the ‘blocks’ of the hard drive. The ‘data’ that you load onto these blocks would be the words on the page. Your eye can easily scan a page to see whether it has text on it or not. A computer does the same with data by identifying a code placed on each block.

The code indicates whether the block has data or not, like whether there are words on a page or the data in a cell. When you delete a file, it does not vanish, like a magician’s cheap parlour trick, it stays where it is, much like you can still see the indent of text that has been erased from a page in a book; however, the computer doesn’t recognise the data as still being there because the code has changed to indicate that there is no longer any data there.

Data Recovery is complicated

You’re right, it is more complicated than that but using the analogy of the book illustrates that recovering lost data is, at least in theory, totally possible. The practise of recovering data is complicated and requires expertise to do it effectively and efficiently.  IT Services Brisbane can offer data recovery IT Solutions for your home or business.

Some people are terrible ‘finders’. When they lose their car keys in the house, they can turn the house upside down and the keys don’t turn up.  

Which is the best DATA Recovery software?

Expert Data Recovery Brisbane

Some people are expert ‘finders’. After a terrible ‘finder’ has thoroughly checked the house, looked in every nook and cranny, an expert ‘finder’ can walk into the house and spot the keys without so much as lifting a cushion on the sofa. The same can be said for data recovery software.

For businesses that need to recover and protect high volumes of data, basic data recovery software operated by an inexperienced employee is rarely enough.

Fortunately, IT Services Brisbane are expert ‘finders’. Don’t panic, just call us to help you recover your lost data today.

How can I recover deleted files for free?

Specialist Data Recovery Software

There are plenty of free data recovery options available to individuals and business but as always, you get what you pay for.

Free versions of software are limited in capability with options to ‘upgrade’ when you can’t locate what you’re looking for. You could spend a pretty penny trying to find an essential document with ‘free’ software. 

Many clients who come to us after going through this process report wasting money and time, only to discover that they needed a specialist recovery technician anyway. 

But if you must, try EaseUSData Recovery Wizard Free for Windows & Mac users. They post good reviews and are a reputable data recovery company. 

Specialist Data Recovery Software

Specialist software, generally only available through trained providers, returns far superior results in terms of recovering lost data than any ‘free’ software available to Joe Average.

That said, there are some data recovery software systems available that do a fair job of recovering basic lost data.  

The Stellar Data Recovery software is a popular choice as it can assist in the recovery of Windows passwords, software license keys, deleted videos, photos and files in a number of regularly used formats. They also offer a free trial and ongoing technical support at around $90 – $250+.  

Data Recovery is a highly specialized area and IT Services Brisbane are DATA RECOVERY Specialists!!!

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How much does it cost for data recovery Brisbane?

Data Recovery Cost

Data recovery Brisbane is a highly specialised area. It depends on how much data needs recovering, the cause of the initial failure, where the data is located on your device and how urgent the job is. Initially, there will be a fee for diagnosis, which is essentially a set of initial tests to diagnose how much time and expertise is going to be involved in recovering your data.

IT services companies usually have a set fee for this so you’d need to ask when you call. If the task is a difficult one or there is a significant amount of data that must be recovered, you could be looking at thousands of dollars. If the job is a relatively simple one, then you’ll be looking at an overall cost in the hundreds. 

Sometimes, lost data is unavoidable but in most cases, the best and cheapest way to recover your lost data is to retrieve it from your cloud based back up system. If you don’t have one of these or you aren’t in the habit of saving to the cloud, then check out our article to find out why this is so important. Prevention is almost always better than cure. But in the unfortunate instance that you have data to recover, contact IT Services Brisbane for expert data recovery services.