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What is the difference between solutions and services?

IT Solutions Brisbane

IT solutions companies offer highly specialised network solutions tailored to your business needs. As in the actual meaning of the word, an IT solution solves a problem that you have by acting on a formulated plan and initiating a solution.

Generally, this takes the form of a designed network solution that will perform the tasks that your particular business needs in terms of capabilities, network size, user numbers, data management, etc.

As part of the process, services could be offered that support the solution, for example, VoIP phone software, data protection and recovery software, on-going cloud based storage, and data security and compliance.

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IT solutions companies are the
problem solvers in this industry!!

What is an IT solutions provider and what does an IT solutions company do?

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IT solutions companies are the problem solvers in the industry. Moving to a new software system that needs integrating with your current system, or trying to increase the efficiency within your current systems, or indeed, finding a brand new solution as your business moves to its next phase, is all within the realm of the IT solutions company.

Experts in this field are creative, lateral thinkers, with a vast knowledge of systems and processes as they apply to different kinds of businesses. Think of them as the architects of the IT industry. IT solutions is your very first step in creating a tailored, highly-effective system that meets the needs of your business. 

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Why you need IT support.

IT Support is IMPORTANT!

Everyone thinks that they have ‘skills’ when it comes to computers. I’m sorry to break it to you but the average person doesn’t know as much as they think they do.

A study by the OECD found that just under 55% of Australians had poor to no computer skills – 55%! Another 35% demonstrated medium computer skills and only a measly 10% of Australians had strong computer skills.

When you consider that 91% of Australian households have at least one computer and that computer is connected to the Internet, that’s a lot of unqualified computer usage happening! No wonder IT support is a hot industry! 

IT support can assist with anything from how to locate your mouse driver to integrating new software and add-ons to existing network capabilities.

Having a support person at your fingertips is a much-coveted privilege but one that you don’t have to live without! Call us today to find out how we can offer IT support to your home or business. 

IT support can assist with anything from how to locate your mouse driver to integrating new software and add-ons to existing network capabilities.

What services do IT solutions companies offer?

IT Solutions Brisbane – Peace of Mind

The most important service that IT solutions companies offer is peace of mind. You’re right, it does sound a little cliché but that’s actually what we’re offering here. We bundle that ‘peace of mind’ in essential services like IT audits.

IT audits examine and evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s IT infrastructure, operations and policies to protect the company’s assets and defend against cyber-attack, as well as assessing the company’s ability to ensure integrity of data.

An IT audit also compares IT systems against the overall goals of the company and suggests corrections in alignment. This is an important part of what IT solutions companies do but it’s not the only thing.

A quality IT solutions company also offers programming services, networking services, security and data management services, website maintenance, maintaining IT systems and help desk, collecting and storing data, training employees, and setting up new systems. 

IT Solutions Behind the Scenes

And all this happens behind the scenes while you concentrate on whatever it is you do best in your business. Your current IT company doesn’t offer these services? Then, it’s time to call IT Services Brisbane. 

What does MSN mean?

Managed Services Provider

MSP stands for Managed Services Provider and refers to an IT company that can provide remote IT management services. They can provide spam detection, security software, software patches and monitoring for system protection.

Effective Managed Service Providers can support businesses in a number of ways and can, in fact, offer a number of financial benefits to its clients by limiting infrastructure expenses, increasing productivity within in-house IT departments, providing maximum uptime to ensure optimum user productivity, providing access to immediate expert-level support without the price tag, tailoring predictable monthly costs to allow businesses to budget effectively and finally, as all of these benefits come into play, overall business productivity is set to increase as your IT services are expertly managed.

Managed IT services providers offer support for a number of industries including law firms, medical practices, the financial industry, government departments, airports, field service companies and small to medium enterprises. 

If this sounds like your business, contact IT Services Brisbane today to discuss the financial benefits of engaging us to manage your IT services. 

Managed IT Service Providers provide remote IT management services 

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