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Information technology in Health Care

Health IT Brisbane

IT Services Brisbane (ITSB) is a premier provider of health IT. Brisbane-based; we offer a range of tailor-made services to the healthcare industry catering to the specific needs and requirements the sector demands.

Healthcare is a complex industry with many facets. Information technology in healthcare is used to improve patient safety, deliver healthcare and facilitate communication between providers and patients. In its simplest form, IT is the use of computers to store and retrieve information (data).

However, the complexity required for IT services in healthcare has vast repercussions on the efficient delivery of its services to the ultimate consumer—patients. It is a given that health IT and patient safety is a priority. Additionally, healthcare IT must meet the needs of healthcare professionals working in medical practices, hospitals and allied health services. Furthermore, the complexity of health IT systems doesn’t just apply to the number of stakeholders involved or the regulations they must abide byit also applies to how those different parts all interact together.  

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As efficient medical IT solutions are ever more crucial to facilitate the smooth running of healthcare services, the importance of reliable, integrated systems is unquestionable.” 

IT Solutions for Hospitals

Health IT Brisbane

Hospital IT systems have a number of obstacles they need to overcome in this type of environment—from ensuring there is enough bandwidth between each departmental network (so that critical messages like “medication not available” don’t go unheard)—to providing robust backup solutions when devices fail.

Thus, as efficient medical IT solutions are ever more crucial to facilitate the smooth running of healthcare services, the importance of reliable, integrated systems is unquestionable. In the 21st century, robust health IT systems are fundamental, requiring knowledge and expertise that meet current needs with consistency and scalability that accommodate future changes. Why not leave it to the experts and leave managing your health IT Brisbane services to a professional team who are invested in delivering health IT Solutions that work seamlessly?

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What are Managed Health IT Services in Brisbane?

Managed IT Services are those offered by a third party who will proactively monitor your IT infrastructure and provide on-site support when needed. These services help reduce the risk of downtime or security breaches, while also significantly reducing costs related to internal system administration and maintenance.

Managed IT providers work within existing infrastructures on an ongoing basis, maximizing efficiency and reducing the need for time-consuming upgrades. They work with you on future projects so that IT projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Ultimately, managing health IT in Brisbane with ITSB can help you to improve care while also reducing costs.

“Information technology is embedded into our lives and is likely to play a greater role in the future.”


The role of VoIP and 3CX in HEALTH IT Brisbane

Another area where IT solutions play an important role is in communicating with patients. Hosted phone systems, including VoIP and 3CX, allow for a single source of communication to take messages, transfer calls and utilize voicemail. Knowledgeable staff can also answer questions about appointments or insurance coverage while reducing wait times on the phone lines with intelligent routing technology.

Hosted phone systems remove the burden from your staff and improve communication between staff and patients. They are a flexible, cost-effective solution compared to traditional systems and help with:

Call management — phone systems include features like call recording, caller ID and voicemail.

Call routing — intelligent phone number management allows you to route calls on the fly as needed with little or no disruption.

Business continuity – hosted phones can be accessed from anywhere at any time, so your communications are always available when it matters most. Off-site backup offers redundancy in case of disaster too!

Your telephony system can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) or electronic health records (HER) applications, so it’s always up to date with your patient information.

Hosted systems are priced competitively compared to the cost of owning and maintaining an in-house system. They can also save money through exceptional features like call forwarding, voicemail and auto attendant for handling customer service calls that negate the requirement of a staff member dedicated solely for that purpose. Additionally, there is no need to worry about costly upgrades. It Services Brisbane are experts in VoIP and 3cx phone integration.


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The Importance of Health IT Cloud Back up

As premier providers of services for health IT in Brisbane we understand that the ability to access data is paramount. Keeping copies of information away from physical confines with cloud-based solutions, such as hosted storage services, maintains security against breaches or loss due to natural disasters such as fires.

Cloud-based storage solutions are one of the most important IT services in healthcare but it is imperative to choose a reliable provider with the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure your data is secure. This includes a server that is safe from disasters, such as fire and spyware. It should also have backup power in the event of an outage and environmental management systems to ensure the hardware is never compromised.

Most importantly, reputable cloud backup should have superior encryption and data centres located in a variety of different locations to ensure that if data is saved in one location, it can be seamlessly backup and retrieved elsewhere.

By opting for a hosted solution with health IT experts in Brisbane, your facility can save time and money by not having to deal with the solution in-house, while maintaining the security of sensitive data.

Specialist Data Recovery for Health IT Brisbane

Data recovery is essential in healthcare. A Data Recovery Plan (DRP) defines how a Health IT organization will recover from data failure or other disaster. A DRP includes identifying and testing backup, recovery and validation procedures to ensure successful restoration of critical systems in the event disruption impacts the healthcare delivery process.

For any plan to succeed, you need more than just a well thought out methodology; it must be consistently executed as part of your day-to-day responsibilities. You also need an emergency response team that is prepared for anything—no matter when or where it happens. In combination with a DRP, a thorough business continuity plan can guide staff through worst-case scenarios by planning to identify alternate methods should a situation arise which renders primary operations unusable.

Information technology in healthcare is used to improve patient safety, deliver healthcare and facilitate communication between providers and patients

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With cybercrime affecting 33% of Australia’s businesses and an average of 23 days to resolve an attack, it is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

Malware is malicious software intentionally designed to damage, disrupt or gain unauthorised access to a computer, network or server. It is a form of cyber-attack that penetrates a system in numerous ways, including phishing links, infected websites and email attachments. Malicious software such as ransomware or spyware could potentially compromise patient data by encrypting it or locking the system remotely from anywhere in the world.

Prevention is better than cure by maintaining systems and devices by keeping security software up-to-date and training staff to be cyber-aware. However, if your systems have been breached, swift malware removal is critical to restore your systems and minimise disruption to your health IT systems in Brisbane.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is an application model where the vendor allows users to access and use software over the Internet. This includes, for example, Google maps and Dropbox. In healthcare, SaaS applications may include clinical information systems (telehealth, EHR) and non-clinical information systems for supply chains, billing, etc.

The end-user can install/run SaaS applications on their local computer or device, but they are hosted by another party’s server located remotely in the cloud. The benefits of hosting applications remotely include:

  • cost-savings by hosting business-critical apps offsite
  • avoiding potential downtime problems with the network
  • protection against cyber-attacks
  • reducing the risk from disasters, such as fire

SaaS integration is not always straightforward, but with Brisbane’s premium Health IT services we can provide the solution that works for your organisation.