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Managed IT Services Pricing

A managed services provider offers monitoring, maintenance, and support but the elements that determine managed IT services pricing vary. Factors influencing the cost include, for example, the level of support you require, the complexity of your IT systems, the number of users and devices, and what services you require. Although managed IT services can be tailor-made to suit your business, our service agreements are generally in the range of $80 – $160 per user per month.

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“It’s a reality that many businesses – both small and large – cannot keep up with the pace of technological innovation. As a result, organizations struggle to keep up with the requirements of growing their companies in a digital world because their IT is reactive, rather than proactive.” 

Why It’s Time To Consider Hiring an IT Services Provider

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If you’ve ever experienced downtime because of a computer glitch or spent hours trying to fix a problem yourself and getting nowhere, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with the technology. Using a managed service provider is a great way to minimise the headache of dealing with IT issues yourself as well as reducing costs.

It’s a reality that many businesses—both small and large—cannot keep up with the pace of technological innovation. As a result, organizations struggle to keep up with the requirements of growing their companies in a digital world because their IT is reactive, rather than proactive. This is why outsourcing to a managed IT provider has become so popular.  Managed IT services are specifically designed to give business owners the peace of mind that their IT infrastructure is secure and running smoothly. It’s an investment that pays off quickly, both financially and in terms of saving time.

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What Affects How Much Managed IT Services Cost?

It’s important to note that what is included in managed IT as services can vary greatly—from providing remote support to installing software to setting up a bespoke network solution. Generally, IT providers are responsible for supporting your company’s IT requirements from monitoring network activity to ensure it is reliable and safe, to installing new software updates, responding to user questions and resolving issues, hardware maintenance, software setup and troubleshooting.

“Using managed service providers is a great way to reduce costs and lose the headaches of dealing with IT issues yourself. It’s an investment that pays off quickly, both financially and in terms of saving time.”


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Level of Managed IT Support

Knowing what kind of managed services you require will help to determine the price. Chiefly, managed IT services are offered on the following basis:

Partial Management

Partially managed IT services are an efficient and cost-effective way to get the help you need with your technology. You can outsource a single area of IT that is problematic for you, or you can have an entire team manage your IT department, freeing up internal resources to spend more time on other tasks.

This means a company can get a small support staff for a few hours a week or a larger staff for 24/7 coverage when they need it. It is a flexible solution where companies that have their own IT team obtain assistance during, for example, periods of heavy workload or when the in-house team do not have the required skill levels for a complex project. Furthermore, most partially managed IT solutions are designed so the client only pays for what they use.

Full Management

More comprehensive services are offered with fully managed IT ensuring that your business can continue to run, regardless of downtime or computer issues. This means that the company providing the service will provide all of the necessary hardware, software, support and backup for your network.

For small and medium-sized businesses is can provide you with peace of mind and is an efficient way of ensuring your company’s IT needs are taken care of by professionals who know what they are doing. Secondly, it frees up your time so that you can focus on other things in your business. Thirdly, it is cheaper than hiring separate experts for each individual task. Pricing models may be based on per user or per device.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure Services are a cost-effective outsourcing model that provides businesses with the advantage of using an outside company to manage their full IT infrastructure. These services include technology assessments, your IT strategy and design solutions encompassing everything from server management, firewall maintenance, hardware and software installations and monitoring performance of networks and cloud systems.

Managed Infrastructure Services can be an excellent way for companies to gain access to highly skilled engineers without having to build up their own technical staff and to have a proactive approach to their IT requirements that are tailor-made to meet their needs.


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The Complexity of Your IT Systems

Many large companies have complex IT structures and need to know how to make decisions quickly. These organizations have a lot of different teams and departments which all have one thing in common: they don’t sit together in one place. With a team scattered across the world, remote support offered by an IT company is essential.

Complex IT structures tend to be a combination of different IT infrastructures and solutions, such as cloud computing, virtualization, and mobility. Consequently, for organisations of all sizes, it is challenging securing and managing these complex networks. Thus, it is now considered essential for modern businesses who rely on IT to carry out their daily business functions to secure the services of professional IT service companies.

Number of Users and Devices

Costs could be based on a per device or per user pricing model. Larger organisations with more employees are likely to have a higher number of devices that will require more support staff assigned to their accounts. Inevitably, this will incur a higher pricing structure. For example, a retail business with multiple locations will typically have more devices than a small business with one person working from home.

Complex IT structures tend to have a large number of users and devices. These have to be monitored and maintained to ensure they interact with each other in the way that a business needs them to. Thus, system devices can include mobile device management, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, desktops, software, security, networks, wi-fi, cloud applications, servers and more. It can be challenging to keep hardware and software up-to-date, as well as maintaining networks and servers which is why using the insight and expertise of managed IT services professionals makes sense.

“If you’ve ever experienced downtime because of a computer glitch or spent hours trying to fix a problem yourself and getting nowhere, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with the technology.”

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The Benefits of Using Managed Service Providers for your IT

The demand for managed services providers has increased significantly, which can largely be attributed small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) keen to adapt using the latest technological advances that will help them to remain competitive. Benefits of using managed IT services allow businesses to:

1: Focus on Core Objectives

When you first start up a business, most of your IT needs will likely be met by you and/or your team. But, as your business grows, inevitably your IT requirements will too. While multitasking is an essential part of growing a business, eventually your staff will need to be working on their specific jobs rather than dealing with IT, which is a distraction from their focus on your core business objectives.

With the right managed IT service provider, you will free up your staff to do what you hired them while gaining a partner that will optimise your IT systems so you can focus on business.

2: Have Cost-Effective Expertise As It Is Needed

Undoubtedly, keeping ahead of advances in technology is a demanding task and the cost of hiring and training personnel to stay up-to-date may not be cost-effective. With managed IT services, you can hire the team you need for a monthly flat fee.

3: Avoid Expensive Downtime

As a business owner, you may not have considered outsourcing support to a third-party provider in the past because you are concerned about managed IT services pricing or believe your current IT structure is fine. However, businesses increasingly rely on a reliable IT setup for all sorts of processes—with catastrophic results if their IT system fails.

Managed service providers offer a proactive solution to maintaining your tech. Systems are monitored to identify and troubleshoot potential issues before they become an issue. With more than a third of SMBs stating that they have lost customers and 17% admitting they have lost revenue to downtime it’s little wonder SMBs have seen the benefits of avoiding downtime by partnering with a managed service provider.

4: Get a Dedicated Team that Knows Your Business

Working with a reputable IT services company ensures that you will have a team that understands your business and what your IT requirements are. They will always be on-hand to step in offering on site support and can partner with, say, your legal team on matters of compliance or regulations your systems should meet for your specific industry.

5: Scale Up or Down As Required

Traditionally, the task of managing IT devices has been limited to companies with significant IT support staff. But with managed IT devices, it is possible for even small businesses to handle their IT with little or no internal resources. Also, once a business grows beyond a certain point, it makes sense to outsource the management of the servers, networks and workstations to an outside services provider who can manage the complexity of larger systems.

As your IT needs are likely to evolve as your company does, being able to scale up or down quickly is a huge benefit. Managed IT providers can respond efficiently to your demands, so you don’t need to be apprehensive about how you are going to manage.

6: Expert Input For One of The Most Important Parts of Your Business

Using a managed IT provider is especially useful if you have limited IT knowledge. They can help you avoid costly mistakes, time-consuming issues, and allow your company to focus on other areas of business growth.

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