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In Australia, Cybercrime affects 33% of businesses each year. In terms of raw stats, the effects of a cyberattack vary between business disruptions, which affect 40% of business, information loss – 29%, revenue loss – 25%, productivity loss – 29%, all the way through to equipment damage, which affects 4% of business.

Shockingly, it can take the average businesses 23 days to recover from a full cyberattack. If it is an ‘insider’ attack, the number of days to recover soars to a debilitating 51 days.

It’s true that in most cases, employees remain your greatest risk when it comes to cyber security.  

Strong Security System

At IT Services Brisbane, we take steps to ensure that your system is secure and can defend itself from attacks, including from malware.

Having a strong security system in place for your network comes in at a fraction of the cost of having to go through the process of malware removal Brisbane and recovery from a cyber-attack.

  • Data attack prevention
  • Application attack prevention
  • Hardware attack prevention
  • Network Security

Taking steps to ensure your system is secure and safe from cyber attacks, including malware is imperative

What is malware and how did it come to be on my device?

Malicious Software

Malware is short for malicious software, designed by hackers to destroy or disrupt applications and data on your computer. Malware can be responsible for any of the following kinds of attacks: 

  • Data attacks: this includes deleting files, scrambling information, tampering with data, relocating data and files and encrypting and hiding files that contain personal information, important work documents, login and passcodes and other records; 
  • Application attacks:  the effects of these attacks include changing the way applications are run, which make the applications fail to work properly or corrupt data or share data with third party systems; 
  • Hardware attacks: this includes changing the way your computer hardware operates, like disrupting the way the camera takes photos, the effectiveness of your finger print scanner, reallocating keystroke information and hacking into your modem, scanner and other peripheral devices; and 
  • Network attacks: this means breaking into, or disrupting the way your home or work computer network operates e.g. locking users out of their devices and/or allowing access to third party users. 

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How dangerous is malware?

Malware is dangerous

If you’re thinking that malware is dangerous, you would be 100% correct. If you’re lucky, you’ll only ever come across the annoying type of malware that locks you out of your accounts or relocates data on your device.

But how do you know that’s the only kind you’ll ever come across? In 2019, 9 out of 10 cyberattacks were delivered via email. 

Trojan Horse

Like all malicious software programs, malware can get onto your computer by a hacker who bypasses your security system and places it there but the far-more-likely scenario is by a Trojan horse that hitches a ride via a suspicious-looking email.

A Trojan horse is any file delivered by a third party, containing a virus, which is delivered in a way that seeks to trick the user into accepting the file and executing the file themselves.

It might be contained in a fake Microsoft word or pdf document that is emailed to the user from someone in their contact list. Or the user may mistakenly download the virus from a website that looks authentic but is, in fact, a front for online criminal activity.

This might take the form of a hoax eBay site or other online marketplace, an unsecured chat room where users are invited to upload confidential information. 

Ransomware threatens to execute malware unless a ransom is paid.


One of the most insidious versions of cyberattack is ransomware. Ransomware threatens to execute malware unless a ransom is paid. The ransom could be monetary or data/information related.

In the most serious cases, it could even be doing something embarrassing or humiliating against your will or something which threatens those near and dear to you. 

In 2020, a familiar ransomware formula is reinvented to exploit the current COVID-19 crisis sweeping the globe.

This ransomware, called CovidLock, offers more information to the user about Coronavirus via infected files that encrypt data on Android devices while denying access to the user.

In order to gain access to your device and data, the cybercriminals behind the attack, demand $USD100.

Malicious software, Malware, designed by hackers destroys or disrupts applications and data on your computer

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Is there a free malware removal tool?

Free Malware Removal Tool

Popular malware removal tools are provided by McAfee, Norton 360 and Kaspersky Internet Security, made popular by movie star, Jackie Chan.

There are free versions of these tools but if you’ve tried any of these, you’ll know that they only do so much. You can purchase versions of these tools at stepped costs. Each time you upgrade, the software provides added security features, which can enhance your overall system performance. 

How do I get rid of malware?

Software security companies and reputable IT Service providers like IT Services Brisbane, provide applications which detect rogue software on your computer and which search for known malware code circulating the Internet. 

Free Malware Removal Tools only do so much

Call an expert : Malware Removal Brisbane

On a serious note, if you have some dangerous malware on your computer, don’t muck around with free versions of malware removal software.

Don’t even go for the paid version! If the information on your computer is important to you, e.g. personal or company data, once you know you have malware, turn your computer off and call an expert.

The cost of calling in the experts is a fraction of what it could potentially cost you to let malware have a free-for-all inside your firewall. At IT Services Brisbane, we can assist you with malicious software. Call us now to discuss your individual and business needs. 

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