Cloud Back Up

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Cloud backup Brisbane : What is it?

Cloud Backup

Once upon a time, we all had a portable hard drive, physically attached to our computers that would back up our data.

Every second person has a story about losing data from these external drives because the hard drive malfunctioned, overheated, got lost or just became too old!

Petabytes of data backed up to external drives has been lost to those bricks we referred to as our ‘back up’ drive. Cloud back up Brisbane is a different thing entirely.

There’s no need for the old external drive anymore because cloud based solutions store a copy of your local data in a cloud storage facility, which could be anywhere in the world, for you to access whenever you want it. 

Provided you follow some general advice, you can easily and seamlessly retrieve your data from the ‘cloud’ as if it were on your local drive.

More and more companies are opting for cloud back up Brisbane because it is reliable, cheap and secure. Still, consumers have doubts…if this is you, read on. 

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A reputable cloud service provider has all the appropriate security and safe-guards in place

Is it safe to back up to the cloud?

Reputable Brisbane Based Cloud Storage Provider

The short answer is yes but there is a caveat. Provided you are using a reputable cloud service provider that has all the appropriate security and safe-guards in place, your data is safe.

An enterprise-grade cloud server will be housed in appropriate infrastructure where is it safe from physical threats like fire, flood, military attack, etc.

The server will also have appropriate back up power supply systems in the event of power outage, environmental management systems to ensure that the hardware is always operating at a safe rate and is manned continuously.

These data centres will usually be located across a variety of different places so if you save your data to one location, the data is backed up in other locations around the world, providing seamless cloud back up and retrieval.

Most importantly, reputable cloud back up Brisbane companies have superior encryption software that encrypts your data on your device and the applications that you’re using, during transmission to the data farm and while at the data farm.

A properly configured cloud based back up service will always offer superior data security than that of a local on-premises server for a number of commercially sound reasons:

1. data farms commercial facilities have to meet a much higher standard of security than a local server;

2. data storage is generally cheaper than continually buying and replacing your own local back up hardware; and

3. it will always be more efficient, reliable and less prone to human error and hardware malfunction than a local drive. 

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What is the best cloud back up option?

Types of Cloud Back up Brisbane options

There are different types of cloud back up options. Essentially, they are broken into three groups: public cloud based options; application-specific or enterprise-specific cloud based options; and private cloud based options.

The public cloud based options are offerings like Dropbox. Application-specific options include iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive, while enterprise-specific options are offered by corporate giants like IBM, Amazon and Dell.

Some businesses opt for a completely private cloud back up option by licensing space on private server farms and data centres somewhere in the world.

These are set up by IT consultants engaged to provide specialist and custom cloud based solutions for businesses that don’t want to be shoe-horned into a generic option. IT Services Brisbane can assist your business to set up a private cloud back up Brisbane arrangement. 

How much does cloud back up cost?

Cloud Storage cost

Application-specific options like iCloud and OneDrive offer a basic storage limit for free, whilst you subscribe to their applications. If you’re using Office 365, you’ll get a terabyte of data for free on OneDrive.

If you’re not using one of these applications, you can opt for basic packages from about $10/month. It pays to think about your data requirements before deciding upon your best option, though.

There are some industries that are just more data-heavy than others. If that is your business, you might want to consider a private web-based solution. They are surprisingly affordable and can be easily set up by a reputable IT services provider. 

Regardless of which option you use, the network will need to be maintained. You either pay for that through the network costs of public, application or enterprise-based cloud back up options or through IT service consultants if opting for a private cloud back up service.

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Do I need an IT services company?

Having a good relationship with an IT services company is important

In any business, a relationship with a quality IT services company will be needed to maintain your systems or provide help desk assistance.

Whichever cloud back up system you choose, consider having a good-quality IT services company on retainer to manage your cloud-based data for both maintenance and help-desk services each month.

Cloud back up costs are well-within reach of most businesses, especially when factored into to your monthly IT costs. In fact, more businesses are opting to have an IT services company on a monthly retainer because it makes their IT services costs predictable and doesn’t blow the budget when things go wrong. 

One thing is for sure, a monthly retainer is a lot less expensive than a system crash that puts your business out of action for a while. 

A  quick call to IT Services Brisbane can equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice about the kind of cloud back up that is right for you and your business.