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3CX will change your business for the better.

A reliable phone system is an essential part of running any company, and at IT Services Brisbane we know that cutting edge technology such as the 3CX VOIP Phone system will not only save you a lot of $$money$$, it will make your business look super professional.

  • 3CX FREE for one year
  • Let our experts set up your 3CX system
  • VOIP made super easy
  • Corporate to Small business

3CX is used in large corporates such as Coca Cola and McDonalds – why not get the system the big dogs use!

Benefits of a 3CX Phone System

Where do we start. Let’s start with some simple facts!!!!!

  • Using the a full PBX Solution like the 3CX phone system will lower your business/company call costs
  • Leveraged VoIP technology enables to have free inter-office calls
  • Mobility, Mobility, Mobility – where there is data you have yourself and your staff an office, including their work extension
  • Increased  efficiency
  • Increased productivity utilising features that allow conference calling with quick set up in a matter of seconds, call redirection and answering services

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How does the 3CX Phone System work?

The 3CX VOIP phone system is an open standard, SIP-based software phone system that features web browser extensions and mobile apps and can work on your existing computer network. What does this mean?

It means that you can use your 3CX account on any device with a web browser or as a mobile app to make calls, utilising VOIP gateways. Plus, the software itself can be hosted on a remote PBX server, in-house (on a local server) or both for extra resilience.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can use 3CX 

3CX - A web based management console

The 3CX advantage

  • 3CX phone system has web based configuration interface for easy management
    saving you endless hours of unproductive management time
  • easily connect new members of your team including voicemail, updating settings within minutes
  • highly flexible call routing – inbound and outbound, ring groups ad DIDs
  • manage the entire system remotely anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

CRM Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

3CX provides integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 online CRM via the 3CX API for CRM. The configuration is done server-side, in an easy and straightforward way. This integration provides many benefits to users of 3CX and Microsoft Dynamics 365, including:

  • Contact Synchronisation – Inbound calls from external numbers trigger a contact lookup in your CRM, and contact details are added to 3CX Contacts. This way, the caller name is automatically shown in your phone display when you receive the call.
  • Call Pop-ups – When using the 3Cx Web Client, the customer record is brought up to you automatically.
  • Call Journals – Call records are created in the CRM.
  • Auto Contact Creation – 3CX automatically creates a new client when a call is received from unknown incoming calls.
  • Click to Call – You can launch a call directly from Dynamics 365 via 3CX using the 3CX Windows Client. Launch calls straight from Microsoft Dynamics 365 via 3CX, using the 3CX Windows client.
  • Hyper V integration
  • Call Routing for customers and internal communication

3CX Unified Communications Features

Wireless VoIP Phone Options

The VOIP, 3cx phone system, is the perfect software based PBX and is one of the most popular SIP phones/SIP trunk systems for businesses that are looking to save time, money and improve productivity which has some of the following capabilities:

  • businesses systems,
  • conference calls,
  • video conferencing ,
  • standard PSTN
  • international DIDS
  • improved sales funnels
  • in office extension/communications

The 3CX phone system, has inbound/outbound rules, DIDs & ring groups available, and can be remotely managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

This means that you can easily add new staff members by simply adding them to the 3cx server and updating their user account information. You will also have flexible call routing options at your fingertips so you don’t need to worry about what went wrong when a client calls on the phone. Even if you have a busy schedule, the 3cx VOIP phone system is easy to use so that it won’t take up your entire day.

3CX phone system - A Software based IP PBX

Popular IP Phones such as the 3CX are a software based IP PBX that can replace your traditional phone system, or existing PBX solution, has an SIP trunks saving and can be integrated with existing computer network or existing server.

Not only is this a low cost business phone system, but has the potential to reduce your communication costs by 80%.

Contact us today to see why 3CX is the number one VOIP phone system on the market. 

Boost Productivity and Reduce communication costs

3CX a great way to reduce costs!

With 3CX is a great way to boost productivity and reduce call costs. You can make and receive calls from your SIP phone/IP phones from anywhere in the world, send faxes, have web meetings, have unlimited extensions/office extensions, have simultaneous calls create customised call routing rules for your business all whilst reducing your call costs.

The best part about c3x is that it requires no hardware, (software based hosted on a hosted PBX) and there is no need for any on premise installation.

After all of this you still want install an on premise software based IP PBX we can provide the easy installation for you.

Why Choose IT Services Brisbane as your low cost 3CX Phone System Provider?

That’s easy to answer, its because:

  1. we are a 3CX partner and one of Brisbane’s most experienced VOIP providers and have provided VOIP solutions
  2. we know 3CX like the back of our hand – we love providing simple solutions for complex problems for businesses and homes just like yours. 3CX makes complex VOIP gateways and phone routing with teams super simple, and
  3. there is a reason we are a 3CX partner – plain and simple – we are one of Brisbane’s best VOIP providers, and we are just damn good at setting up an d installing 3CX systems!
3CX phone system with receiver on desk and VOIP network pattern in background