The Ultimate Voice Solution for Small Businesses in Springfield:

3CX Springfield, Darra, Redbank Plains, Camira, Brookwater

IT Services Brisbane and 3CX the perfect VOIP partners

3CX making your Springfield based business better.

IT Services Brisbane is the leading supplier of 3CX VOIP phone systems in Springfield. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and cutting edge technology to power your business, we have what it takes.

A high-quality voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system can do wonders for how professional your company looks while also saving you money that would otherwise be wasted on outdated communication technologies which cannot compete with call quality or the functionality of 3CX VOIP.

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3CX Springfield, Redbank Plains, Camira, Brookwater, Darra

3CX Springfield VOIP Benefits

The 3CX phone system is a full PBX Solution that will lower your company’s call costs, and leverage VoIP technology to give you free inter-office calls.

You’ll also be able to have mobility with the use of data in which there is always an office for yourself or staff members when needed!

Increased efficiency and productivity are other benefits from using features like conference calling set up within seconds as well as redirection and answering services.

Contact IT Services Brisbane today and find out how we can save $$$$ on your business phone bills!

How does the 3CX Phone System work in Springfield?

3CX VOIP phone System can support your Springfield businesses a phone system that offers VOIP, SIP-based software. 3CX can be used to make calls on any device with web browser capabilities or as an app for mobile devices – all seamlessly integrated into your existing local Springfield computer network. Plus it has the option of being hosted remotely so you’ll never miss out when there’s an internet outage!

As long as you have an internet connection, you can use 3CX 

3CX - A web based management console

The 3CX advantage in Springfield

3CX is an affordable and reliable phone system for small to medium sized businesses. With a web-based, graphical user interface you can configure the entire phone system from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access!

You’ll get unlimited call routing with ring groups (inbound or outbound) and direct inward dials – all at no additional cost. 3CX will save your team countless hours of unproductive management time while giving them fast and easy ways to update settings on their phones anytime they need it.

3CX Unified Communications Features

Wireless VoIP Phone Options

3cx VOIP system one of the most popular SIP Phones/SIP trunk systems for Springfield businesses looking to save time, money and improve productivity which has some amazing capabilities which include:

  • business systems,
  • conference calling,
  • video conferences ,
  • PSTN (standard)
  • DIDS international
  • improved sales funnels
  • communication for in office extension

The 3CX phone system has a range of inbound/outbound rules, DIDs & ring groups available that can be remotely managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

This means you’ll have the flexibility to add new staff members by simply adding them to your server and updating their user account information. You will also enjoy having flexible call routing options at your fingertips so you don’t need to worry about what went wrong when clients call on the phone – whether or not they get through because it’s easy for even someone who is busy!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

With 3CX integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can turn their business into a truly digital company. Users will gain access to advanced features that are typically not offered by other CRM systems such as:

  • The ability to offer personalized customer service and support through the use of chatbots;
  • automated workflow routing options for phone calls and email queries;
  • meeting scheduling with Outlook calendar integration so users don’t miss any meetings or events that cannot be rescheduled when out on assignment.
  • Call Routing for customers and internal communication

3CX phone system - A Software based IP PBX - So you don't have to be in you Springfield HQ to use it!

The 3CX IP phone from the makers of Skype is a simple and cost-effective business communications solution that can save your company money without sacrificing features.

With an SIP trunking system, this software by itself provides all the necessary functions for any small to medium sized office! The best part?

If your current PBX doesn’t suit you anymore because it lacks modern technology as well as new technologies like VoLTE integration with Wi-Fi calling then maybe its time to look into switching over to these inexpensive but efficient solutions through companies such as 3CX.

Contact us today to see why 3CX is the number one VOIP phone system on the market. 

Boost Productivity and reduce communication costs of Your Springfield business with a 3CX VOIP Solution

3CX a great way to reduce costs!

The most popular thing about 3CX is that it doesn’t require any hardware, which means you can make and receive calls from your SIP phone or IP phones anywhere in the world.

You’re not limited to only using a single device like many other systems-you have unlimited extensions! This way if someone leaves their desk for lunch but wants to continue working on something they started earlier, they don’t need another extension set up just for them-they can login remotely with one of their already assigned extensions.