Cloud back up South Brisbane

Cloud Back Up is Important

Cloud back up, data recovery, off-site back up…it’s known by many names but what it’s called rarely matters when you need it. Businesses in South Brisbane know all too well the importance of backing up their data. 



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cloud back up South Brisbane

If you don’t back up in the cloud you risk losing everything!

Crime doesn’t pay (the bills if they steal your computer)

According to the Queensland Police report 2018-19, offences against property have increased by 9.9% in Brisbane South over the last 9 years. 

If you’re thinking that it might be time to check the locks twice as you walk out the door of your South Brisbane business, you’d be totally justified. But there is also something else you should do…back up your data. 

When break ins occur, what always goes first? You’re right, the electronics. The newer and more portable they are, the more attractive they are. Hot on the heels of the electronics as the bounty of choice, is data.


If you have a device that you can wipe remotely, the data stored on your device is unlikely to fall into someone else’s hands

Data is worth something if you can find someone to buy it and unfortunately, there is no shortage of such people around. If you have a device that you can wipe remotely, the data stored on your device is unlikely to fall into someone else’s hands…but the flip side to this is that the data isn’t in your hands either…it’s permanently gone. 

At IT Services Brisbane, we will find a cloud back up solution for your home or business to protect the data that’s important to you. Call now to find out how we can help.

With Cloud Back Up, it doesn't have to be this way...

For a minute fraction of the cost of replacing your MacBook Air (even when claimed on insurance), you can back up your data then quickly and easily download from the cloud to a different device and continue operating your business. 

There isn’t really a price that you can put on that. 

 The South Brisbane expert in all things cloud-related is IT Services Brisbane. With a quick call to speak with one of their friendly technicians, your concern over a vulnerable data system will soon evaporate into complete peace of mind that if ‘the worst’ happens, your business will continue on.

Call IT Services Brisbane on 1300 911 152 now to discuss your cloud back up needs. Don’t wait until it’s too late!