Cloud Back Up in West End

With a unique combination of residential and commercial real estate, businesses and individuals in Westend are accessing cloud back up in increasing numbers. Whether its precious photos of little ones or friends enjoying life at Orleigh Park, or important business information, backing up your digital files to the cloud means that your data is safe if ‘the worst’ happens.

  • Cloud Back
  • Online Access
  • Secure
  • Easy Access

If you don’t back up in the cloud you risk losing everything!

What happens if your hardware is damaged by flood or fire?

Only this week, an arsonist was on a hot streak through Westend and surrounds. What if the fire he lit was at your home or business? What if your hardware was damaged? Would you be able to retrieve your data and start again, or would your records simply cease to exist?

The fact is, as we move towards paperless business models and digitally displayed photos, it is absolutely essential that a copy of these things be stored off-site, or at least, off your pc or laptop.

If they aren’t, you really do risk losing them to accidents like careless or deliberately lit fires or water events like the 2011 floods when much of West End was under water.

The cloud is the single easiest thing you can employ to keep your data safe and secure!

At IT Services Brisbane, we will find a cloud back up solution for your home or business to protect the data that’s important to you. Call now to find out how we can help.

Cloud back up means your data is safe from hardware based viruses

Ever clicked on one of those emails that alert you to a ‘security warning’? It looked legit, right? Wrong! You realised too late that the email was a scam and suddenly, your pc shuts down, data deleted, end of story.

Well, that is, it would be if you didn’t have cloud back up. Viruses that delete data from your hardware can only affect your hardware. Your data still exists in the invisible ‘cloud’, if you use this service.

Cloud service providers have so much more ‘security’ in place that looks after your data than you have on your pc or network, meaning that your data is probably safer in the cloud than it is on your own network.  

 At IT Services Brisbane, we will find a cloud back up solution for your home or business to protect the data that’s important to you. Call now to find out how we can help.